Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal
Application Form for User Account on HPC Facility

Particulars of Applicant

P.F./Roll No.:
Department Group PI
PI Email Id

Particulars of Usage

Application(s) to be run
Number of CPU hours per month2
Total Storage (Home) required3
Maximum memory requirement for jobs:
Justification of Resources4

Declaration by applicant

I hereby declare that I shall conform to the usage policies of the HPC facility and acknowledge that failure to adhere to these policies shall result in the termination of my account.

Declaration by P.I.

I recognize the applicant as a member of my group and recommend his/her application for a user account

1See Usage policies for details.
2Esimated for a typical job as Walltime (in hours) per job * number of CPUs used per job * No. of jobs in a month.
3Default is 1 TB for core accounts and 500 GB for peripheral.
4Include CPU and memory scaling information for parallel applications if available